Services: Measurement and Certification of ISO 10844 Tracks

Measurement and Certification of ISO 10844 Tracks for Acceptance and Periodical Checking

We provide acceptance testing of new noise test tracks, and periodic checking of existing tracks at intervals required by the standard. Conformity testing to both the new ISO 10844:2014 and the prior ISO 10844:2011 and ISO 10844:1994 versions of the standard can be provided.

For surface texture, ISO 10844:2014 requires a surface profile device meeting ISO 13473-3, characterization of pavement texture by use of surface profiles, class DE. We use a laser-based texture profiling device to scan along the entire length of the test track.

For sound absorption, ISO 10844:2014 requires an impedance tube device meeting ISO 13472-2, measurement of sound absorption properties of road surfaces in situ. Such an instrument uses the two-microphone method for acoustical absorption. The measurement is conducted in-situ, without the need for extracting core samples and the associated patching repairs.

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